Wisconsin Statistics

Our 2019 Milwaukee Pridefest Survey data about violence in the lives of LGBTQ people has been made into infographics. We share them with full permission for use in social media, presentations, etc. Please just credit D&R’s Room to Be Safe Program when you do.

Please note that the rates of high violence are because of the oppression we face as LGBTQ people in our homes, relationships, community, and programs. We must all work together to end oppression of LGBTQ people and to provide equity in all areas. We’ll be looking to provide similar stats by demographic once we sort through the extensive identities listed in race, gender, sexual orientation.

951 LGBTQ+ Survey Respondents
2019 Milwaukee Pridefest
Overall violence:
• 79% reported experience one or more type of violence
Types of violence (people picked one or more of the following):
• 49% Online Harassment
• 34% Hate Violence
• 34% Sexual Violence
• 27% Stalking
• 26% Intimate Partner Violence
• 12% Hookup Violence
• 11% Financial Abuse

Within the 12% who picked Hookup Violence:
• 49% Knew the person who hurt them in a hookup
• 29% Sexual Violence
• 27% Verbal Abuse
• 26% Other Physical Violence
• 9% Theft or burglary

Which of the following would you feel most comfortable seeking services from if you were a victim of violence?
• 87% LGBTQ+ Org
• 10% Mainstream DV/SA Agency (non-LGBTQ+ org)