Room to Be Safe is a state-wide initiative designed to educate about healthy and unhealthy relationships in lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) communities in Wisconsin.

Healthy Relationships

Relationships can be incredibly unique, just like the people in the relationship! Each person has a right to be treated how they want to, and each person has a responsibility to treat their partner how they want to be treated. Great communication, trust, openness, and freedom to be you are all noticeable traits of healthy relationships.

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Helping Friends

Ask anyone – friends are important! So what do you do when you hear their partner making fun of them? This can be a hard situation. You and your friend don’t have to go through it alone! Find out how to support your friend respectfully!

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What is Abuse?

Is it healthy, or is it not? A lot of what we think is normal dating behavior is actually harmful, and it can be abusive. If someone is never taught that hurting others isn’t healthy, they may never know that it isn’t. Learn more!

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