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Time to Support, Time to Heal

Partner abuse can be challenging for anyone to talk about.  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) people might know something is not going well in a dating or long-term or intimate partner relationship, yet don’t know what to call it or who to tell.  LGBTQ people might be afraid to seek out mainstream services or even to tell a friend.

This site describes unhealthy relationships: being controlled, threatened, isolated, hurt, and other signs of abuse.  It also describes what healthy relationships look like.  There are pages that discuss how to get support for abuse survivors, where an abuser can get help; identifying signs of unhealthy relationships, tips on staying safe, and seeking support services.

Partner abuse happens in LGBTQ relationships.  It’s never a survivor’s fault.

  • Even if they argued back or protected themselves from getting hurt
  • Even if society or families don’t accept LGBTQ relationships
  • Even if it happens on a first date, a hook up or a couple has been together for 20 years

It’s STILL not a survivor’s fault.  No one deserves to be abused, teased, hurt, controlled, or isolated.

Let’s get LGBTQ partner abuse out of the closet.  It’s time.  Time to support each other and time to heal.

On the following pages you’ll find information about LGBTQ Intimate Partner Violence, how to get help, information for friends and family, youth and for providers.