Power, Control, and Equality

LGBTQ Power & Control Wheel

This wheel examines how abusers may control their partners.  LGBTQ people may find this tool helpful in recognizing the ways in which their relationships could be healthier.  LGBTQ centers can hold discussions about relationships where they contrast the power and control wheel with the equality wheel.  Providers can use the power and control wheel to help their clients reflect on their relationships.

While there are common elements of abuse in LGBTQ and non-LGBTQ relationships, there are some unique issues in LGBTQ relationships.  The LGBTQ equality wheel and power and control wheel cover issues of healthy and unhealthy relationships that are specific to the LGBTQ community.  LGBTQ people are also parts of larger families.  To download the full version, click here.

LGBT Power and Control Wheel

LGBTQ Equality Wheel

This wheel describes the many ways people are supportive of their partners when they are in healthy relationships.  It may be helpful for LGBTQ people to read this wheel to find out if their relationships are healthy.  LGBTQ centers may want to use the wheel to help generate discussion about healthy relationships in their center groups.  Providers can use the equality wheel to discuss what a healthy relationship looks like with their clients.  To download the full version, click here.

LGBT Equality Wheel