Diverse & Resilient’s Room to Be Safe Anti-violence Program serves LGBTQ survivors of violence (intimate partner, sexual, hate violence, bullying, as well as religious, police and state sanctioned violence) throughout Wisconsin.

Our advocates can talk or text with you via phone or virtual option. In southeast and northeast Wisconsin, we can meet with you in person. We advocate for and work with survivors violence for individual counseling & advocacy, information & referral, safety planning, and support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer communities in Wisconsin.

Text or call 414-856-LGBT to connect with an advocate who can provide emotional support, help plan ways to stay physically or emotionally safer and connect you to other resources if applicable.

 Please note that this number is not a 24-hour hotline. The line has advocates answering it Monday-Friday. If you reach voicemail, we will return a call to you by the next day (or Monday if the call comes on a weekend).

 Visit our Appleton location at: 

400 North Richmond Street, Suite F, Appleton WI 54911

Get Help

If you want to talk to an LGBTQ anti-violence advocate at Diverse & Resilient who can help connect you to a provider or talk through your situation with you, please call our non-emergency LGBTQ Anti-Violence Resource Line at (414) 856-LGBT (5428).  This is not a 24-hour hotline.  A call will be returned to you within 24 hours on weekdays and varying hours on weekends.  You can ask for a phone call or text back.  Click “More” to access a list of all domestic violence / intimate partner violence programs in Wisconsin.

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Myths & Facts

Myths exist about the lives of LGBTQ people in general.  It’s no different when it comes to the issue of LGBTQ partner abuse.  Some of the myths are in the minds of people who are not LGBTQ; some of the myths live in the LGBTQ community.  Learn more about the myths and facts about partner abuse.

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