Intimate Partner & Sexual Violence Providers in WI

In the past on our website, we listed all fully integrated intimate partner violence / domestic violence shelter programs in Wisconsin that offer on-site housing for all genders. However, our coalitions, funders and our laws now require that ALL shelters in Wisconsin to fully integrate serving all genders. Thank you to the Office of Victims of Crime, the Dept of Children and Families and to the coalitions of End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault in helping us change the culture to serve ALL survivors in Wisconsin.

Call the LGBTQ Room to Be Safe Anti-Violence Resource Line at (414) 856-LGBT (5428) to talk to an LGBTQ advocate or to help connect you to services. Our advocates work with programs all over the state and can reach culturally sensitive LGBTQ+ and comrade allies all over.
We recognize that LGBTQ+, particularly Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, those with Disability and Other People of Color survivors do not always have an easy time in mainstream shelters and many have faced discrimination and harm by staff and residents. Diverse & Resilient’s Room to Be Safe Anti-Violence Program is committed to traveling throughout the state to help train and provide technical assistance to IPV/SA programs all across the state. And our partner programs are eager to learn more. If you are interested in booking us into a local IPV/SA program, please email to set up a time.
Many programs display our partnership information. If you have stayed at a shelter and had a good experience or bad experience, please connect with our advocates by calling or texting our warmline at 414-856-5428 (LGBT)



Click here to be taken to the website of End Domestic Abuse WI which can guide you to intimate partner violence / domestic violence programs in Wisconsin.  Most are considered shelter programs for women, but provide services for LGBTQ individuals.  For male survivors, these programs often offer hotel vouchers.

Click here to be taken to the website of the Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault for a list of services in Wisconsin for survivors of violence.

Our original funding was for IPV but we’ve always done sexual violence work and we will be upgrading the Room to Be Safe website to be much more inclusive of sexual violence over the next few months now that we have SA funding and advocates!