Knowledge Center

Welcome to the Knowledge Center! Here you can find all kinds of information about healthy relationships, getting and giving help, and dating abuse. There’s a lot of information, so take your time and check it out.

  • In Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships, you’ll find what healthy relationships look like, what they’re made of, and also signs that a relationship is unhealthy.
  • What is Abuse? covers what abuse is, what it could look like, and what could happen because of abuse.
  • Visit Helping Friends in Unhealthy Relationships and you’ll find different ways to support friends who are in abusive relationships. You’ll also find out how to help yourself if you’re in an abusive situation.
  • In Facts & Statistics, there’s plenty of information about unhealthy relationships and abuse particularly for LGBTQ and young people.
  • At the Contact Us page, explore all the ways and reasons to contact Diverse & Resilient, learn about how you can get involved with Safe Dates, and – of course – contact us!

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