Relationship Red Flags

Dating abuse can take many forms and it isn’t always the same. What stays the same, though, is that abuse almost always reoccurs and gets worse over time unless it is addressed. That’s why it’s so important to recognize it. But it isn’t always easy to recognize abuse – it usually builds up over time, but doesn’t usually start out very noticeable. Be mindful of these red flags and Harmful Behaviors that might signal abuse could happen.

Below is a list of behaviors and feelings in relationships that might signal abuse is happening. We call them “red flags.” If you or a friend see red flags in the relationship, it may be time to start thinking about what you want.

Being harmful toward a dating partner usually builds up too – someone might not even realize their behavior is harming their partner. There are warning signs that you may acting harmfully toward your dating partner or may be abusing your dating partner, too.

Adapted from the Safe Dates Curriculum