Colors in Bloom Campaign

Colors in Bloom: Bloom like a lotus, your colors are better bright! 

At Diverse & Resilient, we believe that in order to help end anti-lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) violence, we must create a culture that nurtures LGBTQ youth by promoting loving, resilient, and diverse experiences of LGBTQ communities to foster self-love and acceptance. In that spirit, D&R has partnered with Lex Allen Productions to create the Colors in Bloom campaign reminding LGBTQ people that we are beautiful, loved, and worthy.

The statewide Colors in Bloom campaign hopes to reach LGBTQ youth with a positive public campaign. Lex Allen, a Milwaukee music artist, has created the song and video “Colors in Bloom” which debuted at the LGBTQ Summit on February 24 , 2018 in Milwaukee. Here is the video to that song…..

Our first billboard is up in rural Columbus, Wisconsin! This site is near a Christian school that boasts about dangerous “pray the gay away” weekends. We send all our love and support to LGBTQ youth everywhere battling messages that there is something wrong with them. You are beautiful, loved, worthy. JUST AS YOU ARE!

A big thank you to donors at the Birch Lodge Fund of Cream City Foundation for funding the initial costs and first month of this billboard!  Thank you to End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin for helping us make this happen! Watch for more billboards in Appleton & Milwaukee and see us at PrideFest Milwaukee 2018 for Milwaukee Pride Lex Allen Productions

In Wisconsin on March 2017, Drew Nesbitt was murdered on his 46th birthday after meeting a man who targeted Drew for a possible hook up in Madison. The person who took Drew’s life hated his own identity and was abusive within relationships he had within the LGBTQ community. The “Colors in Bloom” video is dedicated to the memory of Drew.

For a free download of the song, click on image below:

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Thank you, 88Nine Radio Milwaukee! Lex Allen and Kathy Flores sat down with 88Nine’s Nate Imig to talk about this campaign, radical self-love, and Diverse & Resilient. Click on here to get to the story.

It is our hope that this campaign will help reach LGBTQ youth letting them know that they are beautiful, loved, and worthy. Just as they are.